Natural was published in 2018 and has a selection of Abstract Work by Gugguson with forword by John Isaac.

Icelanders have been shaped by nature in the life struggle since the settlement over 1100 years ago. The nature in has not always been gentle and taken high toll – therefore, it is not surprising that respect and fear of nature have become part of the national language. It is not hard to imagine faith in fairies and ghosts have shaped in travels during a moonlit night, or in blizzards during winter, when cliffs disappear and reappear. Nature has thus been the source of legends, and in the latter centuries it has inspired artists. In the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century, the works revealed the nature as it came to the visual artists, but later it began to carry more work on subjects that were only influenced by, or perhaps, comforting nature.

Gugguson carries on this tradition by exploring nature in detail and looks at the shapes and patterns that we normally don’t see.

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